All Ripped Up


This is an interesting outfit that I'm excited to write about! This outfit was almost fully purchased in Downtown Los Angeles famous Santee Alley/ Fashion district. The black top was purchased from American Apparel (which as we know, has unfortunately shut down). The shorts are Vintage Levi's I cut the pockets out myself. I got my fabric scissors and cut along side the front pocket finishings, not the entire pocket off because the pocket itself covers the distress part of my shorts and it would have been too much exposed skin underneath. I purchased the shorts already distressed. The fishnets I bought at a stocking and lingerie shop. The rip on my right thigh was created accidentally but I feel as though it adds a bit of character! The boots were also purchased at a random shop and they were on sale for $15! I know cray cray. Necklace is Dahlia's Coven but the rings and bracelet were all purchased in gypsy shops in the Fashion District as well. The leather jacket is the only thing that is not from the Fashion District. 

Here are where to can get similar pieces of the outfit but for a slightly more expensive price if you do not live in Los Angeles.Or pieces that look similar but not quite the exact same. Sorry guys! If you need any assistant on ripping your own shorts up feel free to email me! Or send me a DM on Instagram! 

Necklace - Dahlia's Coven 

Similar Top - Free People

Similar Shorts - Levi's

Fishnets -  Dolls Kill 

Similar Boots - Steve Madden 

Leather Jacket - All Saints 




Ana Agnelli