American Witch Apparel

Skirt - American Apparel wrap around black skirt ( they have it in different colors).

Top - American Apparel stripped crop to, also have this is different colors and even a body suit and mini dress with similar great cuff look.

Hat and Bracelet have been featured before, Hat - H&M. Bracelet- Coach

Hand Clutch - Michael Kors

Pumps- Christian Louboutin ( for a more affordable look, check out Aldo they have very similar for around $100 or less) 

 Necklaces - Dahlia's Coven

This outfit is great for a casual night out, nothing too tight or too revealing. Adding a simple blazer it may work for a business women on the go or replacing heels with flats would be it more comfortable for the day wear. Sampling adding heels and removing the blazer and you are ready for happy hour with the gals! This is also perfect for a romantic date setting, giving the classy but sexy look!


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Ana Agnelli