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This too will be a slightly different post than others. Today I would like to talk about the empowerment of changing your body to your liking, even if some may advice otherwise. And of course, the stuff they don't tell you when getting breast augmentation. Growing up watching cartoons, seeing billboards with women with full sized breast's I always thought, I want those too! Knowing that it would never occur naturally, breast augmentation was likely in my future. 

I got them done for myself, not for another man, not because of pressure to look a certain way due to media. Even more so, now a days, having smaller boobs is what is in! I did it because I wanted to, for my own happiness. I'm super proud that I did. I was terrified of getting them done due to the fact I had never even really broken a pinky, let alone get surgery! Thankfully I had an amazing surgeon and nursing team that made sure I was comfortable and aware of everything going on. He even played Black Sabbath and Metallica for me in the surgery room. They made me feel so happy and rocking out hard for my last seconds of having less than A cup size breasts. 

After posting on social media (without mentioning my upgrades) a picture of myself in a regular setting. People immediately started to notice.  Comments, private DM's. The conversation always started with something along the lines as..."I don't mean to offend you but did you get something done?" WHY OFFEND?! I'm a strong independent women was financially and mentally stable to finally be able to achieve a dream! I even had a family member comment..."You are the only person who is not shy about announcing their plastic surgery" Why should I be? (Note: My close friends and pretty much my whole family was fully aware of my surgery and was completely supportive, extremely happy, excited and PROUD for me through the whole experience).  I choose to modify my body for my own happiness. I should be proud that I'm at a stage in my life that I can not only afford but feel comfortable in my own skin enough to change it. It's not that I wasn't comfortable before. I look back at pictures and I loved and still do love my small boobies but this is the new me! When you stop growing as a person, creatively, intellectually, spiritually is the day you die. Why not grow in different ways too?

Although, at first, I was not very happy with my new body. It took major time to get used to them. I had, what they call, Post-Op depression. I was not happy with how big they were at first what so ever. Even though, I still do, at times, wish my doctor chose to go a little smaller route, I am happy that I got them done. I feel more confident in clothes I wear. Shopping has been more enjoyable and that is new for me, for I am really small and always struggled to find things that fit. I still have to tailor everything to make it not so long but at least I no longer look and feel like I'm swimming in adult tops. I have asked everyone and their mother if I had gone too big. They all replied in shock because of how natural and proportionate they are to my body. Picking a size to make sure they would look and feel natural was easy, getting used to the upgrade was hard. But I'm in love with them and proud of my body and my choices. 

I was able to walk around and move the first few days post-op. Even though small tasks such as walking around (not moving my arms) made me easily fatigued and wasted out. Having my boyfriend and mother fighting over who would brush my hair and who was taking care of me best definitely made the experience entertaining. Couldn't lift my arms for a few weeks and caring anything besides and water cup took about a week. It was difficult for me, relying on others to help me with everyday tasks such as bathing and grooming. Even eating. One thing that I absolutely despised was the medication. Although, calling my father, my family, and close friends high off my mind immediately after the operation and the following days gave everyone a good laugh, to say the least. I hated the constant high, drowsy feeling the pain medication was giving me. So much so, that once the pain was tolerable I quit taking them immediately. I chose pain over that loopy feeling. The struggle was real for a bit. I say take at least two weeks off, if you are considering getting your breast done. Recovery is THE MOST important part so rest a lot. Stay hydrated. Take vitamins. And DO NOT do anything with your arms.

Once I got more movement with my arms I started experiencing something that no one warned me about. Boob Farts. Yes, you heard me right. When starting to move my arms more, they started releasing the air bubbles that were trapped in the breast. Some were loud and some only I could hear/feel. Most interesting feeling. Everyone knows that you must massage the boobies everyday all day so you don't get any complications, but it was quite another thing squeezing and hearing/feeling a little fart by your armpit or under the boob. They did not hurt just felt odd. Another thing everyone failed to mention, which apparently in very common, is something strange and comfortable called Mondor's Cards. They are clotted, irritated vertical veins that are visible when stretching or sometimes even when not stretching. They are uncomfortable and they hurt. The pain was not extremely bad but I didn't like inhaling intensely to not stretch my torso too far and/or touching them. Something I would have liked to have been informed of, I had to look them up and call my doctor to double check that they were normal and common. Which they are. Not to worry though, they are harmless and go away after a month on so. 

I'm proud that was able to do this for and WITH myself. Although some times things seemed difficult. I couldn't be happier. Yes, they do have a names you were wondering. the ChiChi's. 

Do what makes YOU smile.

And smile at yourself.

Be proud.

You are amazing.

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Ana Agnelli